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Travel Protection Plan

We strongly encourage you to invest in Travel Protection.

We are pleased to now offer Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance through Generali/CSA.

Download the description of coverage by clicking here.

If you need to make a claim, you can begin an online claim through their Online Claims Portal.

For questions, please call 866-999-4018.

Why you want Travel Insurance

Personally we've encountered nearly every one of the issues below on our family trips. And countless guests have made claims, and many more have wished they had insurance. Unfortunately you only know you need it, when you need it.

Here are some of the things it reimburses for:

  • Termination of Employment

  • Extension of School Year

  • Weather Issues

  • Health Issues before or during your stay, or a death in the immediate family

  • Trip delays

  • Rental Car Damage

  • Replacement of lost medication or eyeglasses

  • Items Stolen during your stay (like from an unlocked car, or the phone left in the restroom that is no longer there when you return).

  • It also provides phone Doctor Consultation, Roadside Assistance, and help resolving Identity Theft.

How you add it

You can add the Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance Generali/CSA policy through our booking page at the time of reservation (it is 7.95% of the trip total), or you can bring your own travel insurance from another source.

You can also add travel insurance later by contacting us, but at that point it will have an exclusion for pre-existing conditions that is waived if you purchase insurance within 10 days of booking.

Either way, the policy can be cancelled within 10 days of purchase (as long as your trip has not yet begun).