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Should we get Travel Insurance?

We strongly recommend it, but we don't require it. Only Travel Insurance will provide for a full refund in the event you cancel your plans.

Prior to 90 days before arrival (6 months at Halekai III), the Initial Payment, less a Cancellation Fee & the Non-Refundable Processing Fee, is refundable. 90 days before arrival the Initial Payment amount becomes non-refundable. Depending on the property, the remainder of the total rental amount becomes non-refundable either 60 or 90 days before arrival.

We are not able to offer you a refund in the event of illness or weather but Travel Insurance is available to cover both of these occurances, and "any reason" insurance is available to cover job loss and other contingencies.

Is smoking allowed?

None of our properties allow smoking inside and there are substantial charges if evidence of smoking is found. Further, there should be no evidence of smoking left on our decks or in our yards, flower beds or driveways. We will charge clean-up costs if you are not able to clean-up after yourself!

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, we are not able to accept pets except at Mar Tortuga. Snowbirds, please check with us. We do have some possibilities for pets for winter months.

What is provided?

We provide bed linens, bath towels (one set per person, you have a laundry for your use during your stay), dishwashing soaps, laundry detergent, trash bags and a start up supply of paper products and bath soap.

Kitchens have silverware, dishes, pots & pans, small appliances including toasters, blenders and coffee makers.

Some properties have a selection of beach chairs, beach carts, pool/beach toys. Usually the description will tell you. Expect a basic supply of these at our Gulfview houses and duplexes with pools. There are also several rental companies in town who will have beach or baby gear waiting upon your arrival.

What do I need to bring?
  • Bring beach towels, sunscreen, and a beach umbrella if you want one.
  • Most of our coffee makers do require filters-don't forget those.
  • We do not have baby equipment at any of our houses. Houses are not baby-proofed before your arrival.
  • We sometimes do have children's movies, games or toys.
  • You can rent a range of beach and baby gear that will be waiting for you when you arrive.