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Two of the most popular areas for snorkeling on the Alabama Gulf Coast are the Whiskey Wreck and the Paddle Wheeler.

Whiskey Wreck

What better way to enjoy a snorkeling adventure than by exploring an ancient shipwreck? The 200-foot rum runner is the featured component to this snorkeling site, covering 300 square yards. Lying just beyond the sandbar, the wreck is an ideal place for a dive in just 15 to 25 feet of water. Night diving is also incredibly popular at the wreck site, allowing visitors to spot things that might be unnoticed during the daytime.

Paddle Wheeler

If you're looking for a fun dive with an abundance of marine life, the Paddle Wheeler is a great spot. Featuring the shallowest waters, this site is to the west of Lagoon Past and features more fish than many of the other more populated dive sites. It also provides an interesting hideaway for ocean creatures and one that is definitely worth exploring!

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