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Things to do in Gulf Shores for Spring Break

Spring Break on the Gulf Shores promises an escape filled with sun-soaked beaches and a spectrum of outdoor adventures. As winter bids farewell and the Gulf Coast awakens, Gulf Shores unveils a captivating tapestry of activities catering to all interests. Spring is the perfect time to visit Gulf Shores without the hustle and bustle of the Summer. Discover all the best activities to do for your next spring break trip to Gulf Shores.

Also, when you book one of our Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals, don't forget to check out the free activities that are included with your stay and take advantage of them!

Go Golfing

Spring in Gulf Shores | Golfing

Golfing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a highly sought-after activity, thanks to the area's captivating coastal surroundings and exceptional golf courses. The region boasts championship courses designed by renowned architects, each offering its unique blend of challenges and scenic views. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and play a round of golf or two during your trip to Gulf Shores. Lost Key Golf Club, Gulf Shores Gulf Club, and Soldiers Creek Golf Club are all amazing courses nearby, and you can even get two complimentary adult rounds a day when you stay in one of our beautiful beach homes.

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a popular destination known for its diverse wildlife exhibits. Visitors can explore exhibits featuring a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, giraffes, kangaroos, lemurs, and reptiles. The zoo offers interactive experiences, educational programs, and animal encounters, allowing guests to learn about wildlife conservation and habitat protection. Additionally, amenities such as gift shops, cafes, and picnic areas contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors. When you stay with Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals, you can have 2 complimentary adult general admission tickets each day of your stay.

National Naval Aviation Museum

the National Museum of Naval Aviation, the museum is also an exciting destination for children and adults

The National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, is just a short drive from Gulf Shores. Located on the grounds of the Naval Air Station Pensacola, the museum is renowned for being one of the world's largest aviation museums. As you explore, you'll encounter a rich history of naval aviation through over 150 meticulously restored aircraft, including iconic Blue Angels' planes and a diverse array of historic and modern jets. This is a great destination to get out of the sun, enjoy the history, and maybe catch a show at the IMAX theatre. The museum is a captivating destination for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

OWA Tropic Falls Theme Park

OWA, situated in Foley, Alabama, is known for its family-friendly entertainment, including an amusement park featuring a range of rides suitable for various age groups. Notable attractions include the Rollin' Thunder roller coaster, providing excitement for thrill-seekers. Additionally, OWA boasts a downtown area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, creating a comprehensive entertainment destination. When you stay with Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals, you can have 2 complimentary adult admission each day of your stay.

Fort Morgan State Historic Site

An entrance door to the Fort Morgan State Historic Site

Fort Morgan holds historical significance primarily due to its role in the Civil War. Constructed between 1819 and 1834 and named after Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan, the fort showcases Third System military architecture. Its involvement in the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864, marked by Admiral David Farragut's famous order, is a notable historical event. The fort has been preserved and restored, allowing visitors to explore its bastions, barracks, and gun emplacements. An on-site museum provides insights into Fort Morgan's history, the Civil War, and the strategic importance of Mobile Bay. The location, with scenic views of Mobile Bay, adds to the historical charm of the site.


Parasailing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, offers a thrilling experience amid the scenic beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. Participants can soar above the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, enjoying panoramic views of the coastline. Blue Sky Parasail & Watersports is one of the best parasailing companies in the area. They offer double and triple parasail rides for you and your family to enjoy. Take advantage of our complimentary ticket system when you stay in one of our Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals. Parasailing is a beginner-friendly activity and a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

Hit the Beach

Beach and sea oats in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores welcomes visitors to its beaches during the spring with mild weather and a more serene atmosphere. The temperatures, ranging from the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit, create comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. With fewer crowds than the bustling summer months, spring offers a more tranquil and laid-back beach experience. Wildlife becomes more active, making it a prime time for birdwatching and marine life sightings, including dolphins. The relatively comfortable water temperatures and spectacular spring sunsets further enhance the overall appeal of Gulf Shores during this season.

Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin cruises in Gulf Shores offer an enchanting opportunity to witness these intelligent and playful marine mammals in their natural habitat. Knowledgeable guides onboard provide insights into the behaviors and habits of dolphins, ensuring an educational and entertaining experience for passengers of all ages. The tours are designed to be eco-friendly, respecting the well-being of the dolphins and the marine environment. Southern Rose Dolphin Cruises is a premier provider of enchanting dolphin experiences. That's why we offer 2 free adult dolphin cruise admissions each day of your stay when you book one of our beach homes. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a family seeking a memorable adventure, or a solo traveler wanting to witness marine life up close, a dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores promises a magical and unforgettable experience on the water.

Deep Sea Fishing

Delve into the exhilarating world of deep-sea fishing in Gulf Shores, where the vast expanse of the Gulf of Mexico becomes your angler's playground. This coastal paradise offers avid fishermen an opportunity to explore the rich waters teeming with diverse fish species. Zeke's Lady Fishing is a family-oriented fishing charter company, and when you book your stay with us, you can get two complimentary adult admissions for a charter trip. Common catches are snapper, trigger, and Red Ruby.

Start Planning your Gulf Shores Spring Break Trip

The Gulf Shores has plenty of activities available to make your Spring Break Trip one to remember. When staying in one of our Gulf Shore Vacation Rentals, combining that with the complementary activities available, you can make the most of your trip to the Gulf Shores.

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