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Why You Need to Experience a Dolphin Cruise in Orange Beach

Did you know that dolphins can swim up to 25 miles per hour? Or that they have over 100 teeth? You can learn all about this playful, intelligent marine species on a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach, AL. With a number of different types of Orange Beach dolphin tours, there is bound to be a cruise perfect for your group. On your next trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast, you need to experience a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach. Here are a few reasons why:

Dolphin Sightings are Guaranteed

A dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach comes with the guarantee of multiple dolphin sightings on each tour. Nearly all of the dolphin cruises in Orange Beach send out two boats for each excursion. The boats cruise side by side, creating the perfect waves for dolphins to play in. The animals surf these waves so frequently that dolphin cruises lines guarantee you will see dolphins on your excursion.

It's Fun for the Whole Family

Toddlers to retirees will enjoy an afternoon spent on a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach because there is something for everyone! Children delight in knowledgeable and friendly ship captains and the ocean spray. Adults often enjoy the informative narration and beautiful scenery that accompany the ride. And, everyone enjoys the playful dolphins that swim alongside the boats! If you are planning a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach with a group of children, consider cruising on The Fun Boat Water Wars. This exciting dolphin cruise encourages a ship-wide water gun fight, lower-deck vs. upper-deck!

Glass Bottom Boats Complete the Experience

Some dolphin cruises in Orange Beach, like Dolphins Down Under, offer tours on glass-bottom catamarans. On these cruises, you can see dolphins as they frolic alongside the boats and as they swim underneath it! If you take a glass-bottom dolphin cruise, look for Osprey Fish Eagles and Great Blue Heron! These unique vessels typically have four large glass panels in the bottom of the boat so that guests can see dolphins

and other marine life in the water as they cruise.

A Sunset Cruise Offers Stunning Scenery

One of the most beautiful times of day to go on a dolphin cruise in Orange Beach is in the early evening. Sunset cruises are the most popular and for good reason. The views of the scenic Gulf shoreline only get better during that golden sunset hour. Plus, the setting sun gives way to cooler temperatures and a comfortable breeze on especially hot summer days. It doesn't get more picturesque than a night on the water watching dolphins as the sun falls below the horizon.

It's an Affordable Way to Get on the Water

A trip to the Gulf isn't complete without ample time spent on the water. A dolphin cruise is an affordable way to do just that. Dolphin cruises range in price from $12 to $25 depending on the company and the time of day of your cruise. Many cruise lines, like The Sunny Lady, offer a range of different cruising options. Their midday summer specials can be as low as $10 each, and children under a certain age often ride for free.

Plan Your Next Dolphin Cruise in Orange Beach!

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