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4 of the Best Gulf Coast Vacation Destinations

Are you thinking about planning a fun-in-the-sun vacation this year? Are you hoping that this is going to be the vacation that you and your family, loved one, and fellow travelers will be talking about for years to come? This summer, we want you to have the most memorable vacation yet, and it all starts with the perfect place to visit! If you can picture yourself lying on a white sand beach, basking in the summer sun, and bathing in warm ocean waters, we highly recommend one of these Gulf Coast vacation destinations.

Your Perfect Gulf Coast Vacation Destinations

When many people think of the best Gulf Coast vacation spots, Florida's popular beaches are the first that come to mind. As lovely and fun as these destinations are, we want to focus on Alabama Gulf Coast beaches that not many people know about. This way, you can have a unique vacation that holds just as much summer entertainment as Florida's beaches. This list of best places to vacation on the Gulf Coast, besides Florida, should help you get started!

  1. Gulf Shores: This once little-known Gulf Coast treasure is now one of the top vacation destinations in Alabama. It's a very popular retreat for families, couples, fishermen, and those just looking for a fun-filled vacation. Aside from picture-perfect beaches and gentle Gulf tides, there is also so much to do in the area! Waterville USA is the best water park on Alabama's Gulf Coast. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo hosts a wide variety of animals both big and small, some of which you can even meet and interact with! There is also a plethora of outdoor activities such as water sports, zip lining, golf, shopping, nature trails, and so much more! It's the perfect place for an action-packed and unforgettable vacation!

  2. Orange Beach: As Gulf Shores' next door neighbor, you can enjoy the same powdery beaches and endless fun that is offered at both Gulf Coast vacation destinations. What makes this particular beach unique, however, is The Wharf! It is one of the top Gulf Coast attractions that includes shopping, dining, and a range of indoor and outdoor activities. You can take a ride and enjoy the view from the Gulf Coast's tallest ferris wheel! Liven up the night at a live music venue or daiquiri bar. Pamper yourself at a spa, enjoy a delicious seafood dish at one of their many restaurants, or browse through the shops! Your options for fun and relaxation at this beach are nearly limitless!

  3. Dauphin Island: Also known as the Sunset Capital of Alabama (and for good reason), this quaint and charming town boasts a strong marine culture that is underlined with an "away-from-it-all" atmosphere. It is also an avid nature-lovers dream as it's ecotourism includes the Audubon Bird Sanctuary and plenty of nature tours. When you stay, you must take advantage of the island's many outdoor recreation opportunities! Indulge in some of the state's most delectable seafood, find a souvenir in the local shops, and unwind on the pristine beaches. It's an ideal escape for those who enjoy a quiet and laid-back vacation.

  4. Fort Morgan: Not only is this destination a historical landmark, but it's bordered by beautiful shoreline and gorgeous ocean. You can spend your vacation lounging on the beaches or exploring the old fort that was built in 1819. Fort Morgan was a pinnacle during the Civil War and served the U.S. Navy during the early to mid-1900s. After a visit back in time, you can enjoy the nature trails, boat launches, wildlife viewing, and fishing in the area.

Enjoy All of These Gulf Coast Vacation Destinations From Your Own Vacation Rental

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Photo Credit: Jill Schneider / Getty Images