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Summer Camp Memories for Your Gulf Shores Vacation

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Family Fun

Make your next beach vacation one you'll always remember by adding a fun twist! Create a bucket list of "summer camp" activities to cross off during your next stay in Gulf Shores, Alabama. From making your way along a nature trail while looking out for local bird species to making your way down a 75-foot water slide, there are plenty of ways to feel like a kid at summer camp again! Plus, this time you'll enjoy a night's rest in a plush bed rather than a sleeping bag! Check out our summer camp checklist!

Play Beach GamesA Gulf Shores vacation rental with games

Head down to the sandy shoreline to play in the surf! Bring a frisbee, volleyball, or football and divide your group of friends and family into teams to battle it out on the sand. Feel like a kid again as you frolic and play!

If you rent a home with a private pool, start a game of Marco Polo or being a jumping contest for who has the best in-the-air style! Some of our rentals are even equipped with games like billiards or foosball. Make a bracket and decide on a grand prize for the winner who takes home 1st place!

Make a Splash at Tropic Falls

Tropic Falls is a brand-new indoor water park that is a must for any summer vacation! Featuring 75-foot water slides for an adrenaline-inducing drop, a lazy river for a relaxing float, and tube slides for fun-filled rides, this new Gulf Shores attraction is a must for any summer camp agenda! Plus, later this summer the water park is planned to open a new outdoor wave pool as well as a surf simulator! Tropic Falls is located in the OWA Amusement Park which is a hub for all sorts of family-friendly fun.

Explore Gulf State ParkA little boy looks out binoculars

A highlight of any summer camp experience is enjoying nature! One of the best places to get in touch with nature in Gulf Shores is at the Gulf State Park! Explore the miles of nature trails on foot or bike, get out on the waters of Lake Shelby in a kayak, or watch the butterflies in the garden. Make it a scavenger hunt and see if how many different species of animals and plants you can spot during your visit. The Nature Center offers guided nature walks if you want to have an expert lead you in your adventures. Use your imagination to really get in tune with nature during your visit to Gulf State Park!

Enjoy a Summer Cookout at Home

Gather friends and family at your Gulf Shores vacation rental and enjoy an old-fashioned summer cookout! Our vacation homes feature fully equipped kitchens, many large enough to accommodate your entire group with double appliances. Outside, find a BBQ grill to throw hot dogs, burgers, and bratwurst on along with veggie kabobs or corn on the cob. Some of our favorite sides that remind us of summer camp include baked beans, mac n cheese, cole slaw, and whatever your heart desires.

Build a Blanket Fort to Watch a Movie InChildren in a blanket fort

After a day at the beach or perhaps during a rainy afternoon, a blanket fort movie screening is the perfect activity! Grab a few spare blankets and pillows, put on your PJs, and decide what movie you want to watch with the family. Whether you build a true blanket fort or perhaps just make yourself a blanket pallet on the floor, this activity can remind you of setting up camp. Pop some popcorn or dig into some movie theater candy as you dim the lights and snuggle in with your loved ones!

Spend A Night Stargazing

Once the sun goes down, the real show begins! Head out to the beach to go stargazing! The beaches along Alabama's coast are the perfect spot to watch the night sky. We recommend downloading a stargazing app that helps you find constellations to help guide your night gazing section. Bring a blanket or beach towel, pick your spot on the sandy shoreline, and give your eyes time to adjust to view the magnificent night sky above you!

Dig Into a S'mores Milkshake from The Yard

No camping trip is complete without some s'mores! Although beach fires are not allowed in either Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, you can still find your s'mores fix in milkshake form. The Yard is an iconic milkshake bar that features over-the-top milkshake creations. Dig into a delicious S'mores milkshake or choose a flavor of your own.

Host Your Own Summer Camp at a Gulf Shores Vacation Rental!
An oceanfront Gulf Shores vacation rental

Make your summer camp dreams come true and book a Gulf Shores vacation rental! Choose between properties with private pools, with oceanfront locations, and even pet-friendly properties to make the most out of your family fun getaway!

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