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Leave No Trace During Your Gulf Shores Beach Vacation

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People on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Leave No Trace refers to the principles of minimizing your impact on nature and visiting nature respectfully. But what does that look like? We have your guide on how to visit Gulf Shores (and wherever you explore nature) while doing your best to leave no trace! From being sure to pack out what you pack in, to not disturbing the dunes, there are plenty of ways to ensure you do your best so as to not disturb the natural environment!

Leave No Trace Principles to Consider When Visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama

Plan Ahead & Prepare

Plan ahead for your beach day to ensure your health and well-being and the environment you are visiting! For example, be sure to pack plenty of water to make sure you stay hydrated and avoid the need for any last-minute plastic water bottle purchases. Also, be sure to leave no trace by packing up any disposable items at the end of your beach day!

Leave What You Find

Another principle of Leave No Trace is to leave what you find on the beach! In other words, do your best as to not alter the natural environment in any way. This includes not removing sand or seashells and avoiding walking on any beach vegetation. Be extra careful to not walk on any federally protected dunes to protect the natural habitat and ecosystems the dunes provide!

Be Considerate of Others

Finally, being considerate of others is a key tenet to Leave No Trace! Be mindful of other beachgoers by following beach rules and being mindful of noise levels. Make sure that you are helping make the beach a relaxing destination for all!

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Gulf Shores, AL Beach Rules

  • Personal items must be removed from the beach one hour after sunset
  • No pets are allowed on the sand beaches
  • No glass or breakable containers
  • No digging holes deeper than 12 inches and holes must be filled when finished
  • No fires, fireworks, or cooking devices
  • All trash must be removed from the beach
  • No motorized vehicles, with the exception of motorized wheelchairs
  • No tobacco or e-cigarettes

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